Our Size Guide

Fat Quarters Metres Approx Measurment
1 1/4 50 x 55 cm
2 1/2 50 x 110 cm
4 1 100 x 110 cm
6 1 1/2 150 x 110 cm
8 2 200 x 110 cm

Fabric Sizing

All fabric is sold in “fat quarters”. A fat quarter is a measurement used to sell fabric for crafting. It is half a metre of fabric cut in half again creating a square of fabric approx 50cm x 55cm. The reason it’s sold in fat quarters is because historically it was a measurement adopted by quilters. If you require more than one FQ then we will leave your fabric uncut.

All of our fabric is 100 % Cotton and is suitable for crafting, dressmaking, bags quilting, and a whole host of other uses.


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Connect with us to find out more about Kaffe Fassett and his design, Kaffe Fassett is one of the most renowned patchwork fabric designers in the world. Famous for his vivid colourisations of his designs that can make a finished quilt really stand out.

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